A Day Without Fruit And A Vitamin Review

I had a blast boating yesterday! The lake was choppy which made skiing and boarding difficult, but it was perfect for innertubing! My friends skiid and boarded like pro’s, despite the imperfect water, and I stuck to ‘tubing.

Last night I got home pretty late and made a peanut butter sandwich on an Arnold’s sandwich thin (review to come!). I saw this bread on east-coaster’s blogs for a long time before it appeared here in the Northwest and I’m so excited that I can buy it now!

My house is lacking fruit :(. and by lacking I mean completely and totally, not so much as a half-rotten banana anywhere in sight. So this morning I made the most balanced breakfast I could muster, from what we had:


Step one: organic unsweetened cinnamon applesauce.


Step two: add peanut butter.


Step three: add uncooked oats and stir.

That’ll do.

For lunch I feasted upon half of this:


And too many of these:



Product Review: vitafusion Gummy Vitamins


These vitamins contain either 50% or 100% RDV of 9 vitamins and minerals, per serving (two gummies). I’ve eaten multivitamins in the past which contain up to 300% RDV of some vitamins, and that’s ridiculous. 50-100% is all a person needs, so, in my opinion, vitafusion gummy vitamins are perfectly formulated. The nine vitamins and minerals include:

Vitamin A (50%)
Vitamin C (50%)
Vitamin D (100%)
Vitamin E (50%)
Niacin (50%)
Vitamin B-6 (100%)
Folic Acid (100%)
Vitamin B-12 (100%), and
Pantothenic acid (100%)

I don’t know a lot about vitamins, but from what I can deduce, these seem nearly perfect. They’re tasty, too! 😛


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