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Hi everybody! I’m Kaila. I’m not new to this food & lifestyle blogging thing: I kept another blog, Vegalicious, for a long time, but after becoming omnivorous (not to mention abandoning that blog for a long time), I thought it would be best to start fresh with a new blog. If anyone wants my old blog, just let me know and I’ll give you the password. It did have a pretty awesome name. 😉

My food journey has been long and painful. Pretty sad since I’m only 17 years old. When I was 15 my best friends were the insecure “diet” type, and they sucked me into their world of restriction. I spent my summer of 2007 playing tennis every day while maintaining a strict diet of under 500 calories per day. It was hell. This habit continued into my junior year of high school, when I found it impossible to focus on schoolwork or on friends. I didn’t do any of my homework, and I remember sitting in class, shivering and almost blacking out while trying to listen to a lecture. I had eaten only a couple hundred calories that day. Wasted afternoons and evenings spent staring blankly at a television set, with no energy to hang with friends. Quitting my job because I just couldn’t focus. All I thought about was food.. calories, meal plans, and food. Often I binged just to get enough fuel, but it was invariably followed by more restriction. That school year was my worst, and I dropped about 25 pounds, a whole lot of weight off my small-framed 5’4″ body.

Never again will I submit my body or mind to that kind of torture. Because of anorexia I gave up an entire year of my life to the black oblivion that is memory loss (a common side effect of anorexia: blocking out the horrible memories). One year has passed since I decided to begin feeding my body again. I’ll never forget that sunny June day, walking along the waterfront with my young, healthy aunt, her cheery carefree self sporting a camera and snap, snapping pictures of me at every turn. “You’re so beautiful, look at that model!” That morning I had almost thrown up in disgust at how much food I’d eaten for breakfast, but that afternoon I decided- I knew– that there is so much more to life than the number on the scale. That day was my lowest weight ever- 106- and it was the day my life was miraculously turned around. My aunt may never know what an impact our “play date” had on me.

But as with any journey, there was a middle ground. Not an instant turn-around, but in fact it took many months to get my eating habits and life back on track. Six months to end the restriction, eight months to end the binging. Too long still to find my happy balance.

I’ve dabbled in vegetarianism and veganism, and found that on a vegan diet, I am the most clear-headed, happy, and energetic. I love bread, chocolate, sugary snacks… and that is my weakness. I eat a lot of dairy products and a lot of unhealthy “junk” food. I’d love to get back to the basics- the simple way of eating that I used to enjoy, before I got too “comfortable” with food. You’ll see what I mean, hopefully, as you read my blog.



XOXO Kaila


1 Response to “My Story”

  1. 1 Suzanne July 1, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Thank you for sharing your story and great reviews. God bless!

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